Taylor GS Mini ES-Go Pickup Modification

I love my new Taylor GS Mini, but I’m not satisfied with its ES Go pickup. Especially the hum/noise. It is explained in Taylor’s website. But I will not take that solution. Instead, I will do some experiments.

  1. Using DI Box or ABY Box with good transformer, passive or active. In this case I use Radial Big Shot ABY, and using the B output with all switches turned up. It really works to clear the hum and noises.
  2. The sound of the pickup is muddy. I opened the bottom plate and realized this is a humbucker type. I cut the red wire to make it single coil only. And yes, it works. The new sound is brighter.
  3. The output seemed too low, but this can be modified easily by loosening up the pickup bracket and adjust the position so the pickup is now closer to the strings.
  4. To make it better, add an EQ control before amp.

That’s all, not too difficult. And I love my new electric GS Mini sound with standard guitar amp. Sonic-wise, it’s not comparable to piezo pickup, but a lot better than before and still usable for live situations.